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Support Ticketing System- nForce

Ticketing systems software is a customer service tool that helps companies to record and track their service and support in your organization.

nForce is our advanced support ticketing system to track all your customer service related incident management /queries and making it easier for customer support engineers to resolve complicated issues. Customer can report a problem, incidents through this tool. Management, managers and engineers can view the customer's queries or issue reported and take necessary actions to clear off their problems.


  • Service Support Desk
  • Complaint Management
  • Product Bug/Queries Tracking
  • Priority Customer Management
  • MIS Reports


  • Provide Priority Customers and Quick Response in Specific Time
  • The ticket can be easily Assign to Support Team
  • Customer Can give mark / Rank for Support Engineers While Ticket Closing
  • Ticket Can Pinto Favorite Box with user Remarks
  • Easy Find out the Support Engineers Work Performance as per the Rank System
  • Easy To understand Ticket Status by Advance Search
  • Customer Wise Ticket report and Status Analysis
  • Drill dropwise Support Engineer’s Dashboard, it will easy track status wise, Priority wise & Clients wise Tickets.
  • Customer Can Easily Track their Ticket Status
  • Customer Can Easily Understandable Status Wise Dashboard, that will easy to understand the pending Tickets Details
  • Urgent Information/Message/wishes Like that’s are easy can populate to the Customer Dashboards

Automatic Assigning to Product Department

By selecting a Product, customers can directly specify which department should receive the ticket. If the queries were submitted by customer to a wrong department, support engineer can easily assign ticket to a right department.

Support Engineers/Staff

Any ticket can be assigned to the department. The manager/supervisor of the department with appropriate permissions view all this tickets and assign them to the staff of his department. The staff of the department has the lowest permissions for viewing and managing tickets.

User Roles

nSure allows to set some permissions for the individuals who operate the tool. These permissions define individual’s roles inside the department. For instance, a manager of the department can browse and manage all tickets that are assigned to his/her department, while his engineer can see only the tickets which are assigned to them by his manager.

Ticket Panel

The panel with a ticket information allows you to view and change any information related to the current ticket quickly. Assign to the department and support agent, "Close" or "Open" ticket status, recent images that were attached during the ticket conversation, related ticket posted by the same Clients, availability to add note to the ticket - all this makes it easy to view all the necessary information and manage tickets without any mess.

Flexible Search

The Support Ticket System interface includes a flexible search for quick finding of any information you need. Enter a ticket or ID, phrase or Clients name and you will be presented with a list of matching tickets.


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