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Ncode & Cmore Global Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a Consulting & Training company in Kannur, India. Ncode & Cmore is an integrated solution provider for educational institutions who have taken a leap in February 2020. We have customized our products according to the specific needs of the individual institution’s to match their standards and processes. Key products and services of Ncode & Cmore comprise Cloud-based Application, Hardware solutions, and Training and Consultancy, which integrates into a complete ecosystem.

We are an integrated solution provider for educational institutions across the globe. With a wide range of products in our arsenal, we customize them to deliver the exact needs of any institute's specific standard processes. Also, we guarantee a perfect fit for all sorts of educational institutions starting from pre-schools to universities. Enabling advanced Technologies into our education systems to set-up an easy learning methodology, we provide Cloud-based SaaS, Training & Consulting and Hardware solutions which integrates into a complete ecosystem.

We serve globally, without any geographical boundaries. However, the following are readily accessible markets.
India, Kuwait, Malasia, Singapore, Bangladesh, United Kindom Education business is turning unstable, uncertain and complicated due to the combined force of technology, market and operations. In such a dynamic scenario, educational institutions may go extinct within a short span of time, it does not undergo a complete evolution.

Digital lectures, AI-enhanced assessments and VR powered simulations have already made a drastic change in how millennial generation pursues education. Educational Institutions will be compelled to depend on appropriate consulting to adapt and adopt emerging technologies and methods to be in the education game.

Nascent stage of AI and Robotics are revolutionising the business operations and service management. The future of AI and Big Data force Educational institutions to automate and secure campuses using digital peripherals.

Technology, in particular, is a powerful movement that is sweeping through educational institutions worldwide. Technology, if not supported by proper training and consulting is chaos. Therefore Technology, Training and Consulting are the three major components that shape education businesses. So do our forte.

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