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Admission and Enrolment

Online Registration: Students and Parents have the option to Register online. They have the option to choose a Programme, Module, Major or Scholarship category. And also have an option for Upload certificates & document and have an option to explain about Student’s Hobbies & Extracurricular activities.

Fee Collection: Option to Collect Fee Through online and Offline. E-Print for Online Fee payment.

Allotment: Option for Shortlist Applications, Class allotment, Students ID card generation and ID Printing.


Exam: Option to Create Exam Types, Grade, Exam Centre, Exam Schedules, Question Papers, Option to Assign Chief Examiner and Invigilators and option to Evaluate Exam and Mark entry.

Timetable: Option to generate Timetables, Faculty Assignment and Attendance management.


Audit: Option to Audit Programme and Modules. And Option to Schedule Group Meetings, Governance Body, Send Meeting Invitations and prepare meeting minutes.

Internships and Events

Internship: Option to create Events, Option to register Internship and co-curricular events. Option to add placement details.

Learning Management

Learning Management: Teachers Can Prepare and Upload Study materials in document, presentation, video and Audio Formats. And can create Discussion forms and Chat rooms.


Book Management: Option to manage books by category wise, author wise, language-wise

Library Management: Option to register users, an option to manage fee collation and duelist. Also, to send messages to users and the option for purchase management.

Research & Development

Research & Development: Option to create Profiles and Option for Submit Proposals, Abstracts and Publications.

Student and Parent Portal

Requests: Student / Parent can Request for Certificates, Leave, Library Books, Transportation, Food and Accommodation.
Learning Management: Students can download Study materials as document, presentation, video and Audio Format. And can Join in Chat rooms and discussions.
Uploads: Student / Parent can upload ID proofs, mitigation/ extenuating circumstances and medical certificates.
Messages & Memo: Student / Parent can view the Messages from collage / School and reply.
Dashboard: Continues Students Analysis with marks, attendance & Appraisals, Graphical Representation of Time tables, Exam Schedules, Holidays and Events.

Human Resources

Staff Database: Staff details with basic information, Qualifications, Experience, Certificates, ID proofs and Designations.
Payroll: Salary Structure, Attendance & Leave management, Reimbursements, Claims, Allowances, Recoveries and Income tax computation.

Facilities, Procurement and Inventory

Inventory: Quotations, Purchase Orders, Purchase, Return, Sales, Stock Management, Production, Damage / Issue out/ Write off marking.
Procurement: Quotations, Purchase Orders, Purchase, Return, Sales, Stock Management, Item Numbering, Stock Transfer, Asset Issue, Asset Return, Damage / Issue out/ Write off marking.


Hostel Management: Option to create Rooms, Floors buildings. Option for allocating rooms and Beds. Option for Food management and Guest Management.
Rent Management: Room rent fixation, Food change management, Due List and Intimations.


Schedule: Option to Schedule Drivers, Routes, Vehicle, Passengers List, Stops and Date/Time
Management: GPRS Tracking in Vehicles, Notifications in arrivals and Departures, Fuel management, Repairs, Vehicle Insurance, Fee Collection and Due Lists.

Other Activates

Project Management: Define the project, budgeting details with a chart of accounts, Tenure period of the project, Capture overheads and operating cost along with the respective project, Log in provision for Principal and manage to view their related projects and its transactions and Details of project investigator.
Information Management: Receive information from various departments, Schedule posts on FB, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Handle Bulk emails & Bulk SMS and Integrated Telephony with paging service.
Marketing: Define Salesforce, role and designation, Sales Data Analytic, Partners and details, Social media integration, Create events, and roadshows, Print media ads and effectiveness tracking


General Ledgers: Option to create Ledgers, Sub ledgers, Banks & Branches and Fin year
Transactions: Bank Transactions, Cash Transactions, Journal Transactions
Process: Cash Disbursement process, Bank Reconciliation, Cheque Printing
Budgeting and Control Module: Option for Financial Year-wise / Month wise Budget Settings, Manage Transactions, Request for Additional budget, Approval for Additional budget and Graphical Representation of Budget vs Actual.
Final Account: Trading Process, Profit & Loss Process and Balance sheet Process.

Admin Module

Approvals: Duel verification in each stage
Dashboard: Timetables, College Calendar/university calendar, Exam Calendar, Staff attendance Screen, Student attendance Screen, Staff Punching Time Reports, Date wise Leave Application Details & leave approval, Previous History of Students, Continues Students Analysis, Subject Wise Analysis, Teacher Analysis, Class Analysis.

Admin Module

Mobile Application: Teacher can use this app to verify Teacher Dashboard, Student analysis, Attendance marking. Students / Parents can get the portal facility in this app

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